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Meanwhile, joyce is telling pat in the kitchen how tough buffys return has been on her. At the library, giles is horrified by what he finally uncovers about the mask. He tries to phone buffy, but party-goers fail to relay the message.   buffys still self-exiled from sunnydale, and is now working in a diner under the alias anne. In her absence, willow, oz and xander have taken over the towns vampire-slaying responsibilities, and though theyre losing roughly half their quarry, at least theyre staying safe. In the scene in which oz and xander bring over ozs sound system, the hair dangling on xanders forehead moves around a bit in different shots. Watch the shot of the reanimating dead girl at the party at the very end of her shot, her face is abruptly shown smiling. Dru knows a secret about her kitten and decides to be his mommy. Dead mans party is the second episode of the third season of the television show buffy the vampire slayer. It was written by marti noxon, directed by james whitmore, jr. He kidnaped xander and willow, the former having realized his best friend was a woman, and they were caught by their respective other halves making out in the factory. Thus, cordelia broke up with him and willow figured out that she loved oz and not xander, like she had thought. If xander or faith killed someone, no matter how skilled they were they werent getting out of the village alive. Reaching the entrance he was relieved to see everything was at a stand-off. Principal snyder on buffys expulsion i not only have the right, but also a nearly physical sensation of pleasure at the thought of keeping her out of school. Principal snyder yes, and while she may live up to the not-a-murderer requirement for enrollment. Buffy the vampire slayer is an american franchise which spans several media and genres. It began in 1992 with the film buffy the vampire slayer, written by joss whedon and directed by fran rubel kuzui, and was resurrected as the television series, buffy the vampire slayer in 1997. The shows popularity caused it to spawn a multitude of expanded universe tie-in material such as comic books. Xander seemed to take inordinate pleasure using the word fetish over and over again. It just needs to be somewhere on the property, which we know it is because the captain brought it back.

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